North Carolina County President Discusses Two Options for General Assembly

Nepal’s parliamentary constituency chairpersons offered two options for hosting the 14th party congress.

A meeting of district chairpersons in Kathmandu over the past two days expressed a question about whether the General Assembly would be held within the time stipulated in the Party Charter.

He emphasized that the August election should be held by transparently completing the regular membership process through the ‘fast track’ process, referring to the dispute between regular members.

The meeting also included a discussion for representatives of the 13th General Assembly, which will hold a special General Assembly over the next six months to one year, said North Carolina President Kawrepalanchoka Madhu Acharya.

Acharya said that the electoral commission could not determine the legitimacy of a party, and that most district chairpersons argued that a party should not follow a path not stipulated in the constitution. He said the General Assembly process should be regular.

Nepal’s parliamentary chairperson, Chitwan Jit Narayan Shresta, said during the meeting that more than 35 district chairpersons expressed their views that there was a debate about active membership in their respective districts. The meeting was attended by 38 mayors and 17 mayors virtual.

KC president Nuwakot Jagadishwar Narsingh of NC said that active-duty party members ordered by the constituency should be closed without controversy and the party should go to the general assembly.

Party leader Ram Chandra Pudel said at a regional presidents meeting that the party would be illegal without a general meeting in the constitutionally stipulated Bhadra month. The poodle leader said this didn’t happen before the 75-year-old parliament.

Party General Dr. Shashank Koirala said the party leadership should work to advance the entire party congress process based on the suggestions of the district chairpersons.

Former party general secretary Prakash Man Singh said leadership should take the lead in resolving active membership disputes and holding legitimate general meetings, as suggested by the party’s district governor.