Four-party alliance claims new government in Lumbini

A coalition of four parties has announced claims to form a new government in Lumbini province.

An alliance that includes the Nepalese Parliament, the Maoist Center (CPN), the Janata Samajbadi Party (JSP) and Rastriya Janamorcha has presented their claims to the governor.

Kul Prasad KC, the leader of the Maoist Center (CPN) parliamentary party, with the support of four parties, applied for the post of prime minister in front of the head of the province of Amik Sershan. Phaharuddin Khan, a leading member of the North Carolina legislature, said the alliance, signed by 41 state legislators, has declared the right to form a new government.

The Lumbini Provincial Council currently has 80 members and needs 41 to win a majority. 19 members of the Nepal Parliament, 18 members of the Maoist Center (CPN), 3 members of the JSP, and 1 member of the local council, Janamorcha.

The CPN UML, which has 39 members in the state legislature, is said to have made no claims in favor of the government.