Formation of new government in Lumbini province

A new government is formed today in the province of Lumbini.

A coalition of political parties including the Nepalese Parliament, Maoist Center (CPN), Janata Samajbadi-Nepal Party (JSP) and Rastria Janamorcha will present their claims to the provincial head.

State Chief Amik Sherchan has set the deadline for submitting applications to form a new government at 15:00 today. Paharuddin Khan, a leading member of the North Carolina Congress, said the alliance will announce its claim to form a new government in time.

The coalition appoints the leader of the parliamentary party CPN (Center of Maoism). Kul Prasad K.S. for the prime minister’s office.

However, CPN UML is said to have been silent about its allegations against the government. The Lumbini Provincial Council is made up of 80 members. Most require 41 members. 19 members of the Nepal Parliament, 18 members of the Maoist Center (CPN), 3 members of the JSP, and 1 member of the local council, Janamorcha.