CPN MC Proposes Facilitating Alliance With Democrats Before Vote

The ruling CPN (Maoist Center) has proposed facilitating an alliance between the left and the democratic forces ahead of the upcoming elections.

Pushpa party chairman Kamal Dahal made a political proposal to a meeting of the party’s Central Committee that began on Saturday, noting the need for an alliance to uphold the constitution, fight regression and solve the country’s pressing problems.

“The party will pursue a policy of maintaining the existing alliance until the upcoming elections, which is formed to maintain the country’s economic prosperity, stability and good governance by defending the current democratic political system, constitution and citizenship,” said Prachanda.

Dahal argued that the Left Democratic Alliance was formed in the struggle for regression and defeated the regressive forces that had blown the Coalition Democratic Republic and the Constitution. “People who are dissatisfied with the alliance are doing everything they can to weaken and destroy it,” said the Chairman of the Maoist Center.

Prime Minister Dahal emphasized the successful implementation of the coalition government’s minimum plan after the coalition government announced the overall minimum plan.

Pracanda’s policy proposals focus on combating COVID-19, rebuilding the economy, improving people’s living standards and promoting good governance in the country.

He also focused on ensuring government success by making it pro-national.

He said he would try to resolve the MCC, Lipulek, Kalapani and Limpiyadhura issues through diplomatic negotiations in accordance with the party’s stated policy.

He stressed the need to organize the party in such a way as to achieve victory for the party in local elections and make the party leadership through the upcoming federal and provincial elections.

He also proposed convening a national party congress to discuss the party’s ideology, political agenda and organizational structure and the development of general leadership at various levels in the new political scenario.

Arguing that the party’s construction was based on Lenin’s theory of organization, the former prime minister said it took the party an hour to recruit thousands of cadres of all ages: young, old, old and working class. marginalized community.

Regarding the dissolution of the former Nepalese Communist Party, he said, “The unification of the party was objectively right. However, the unification of the party could not be maintained due to the selfishness, arrogance, and lust for power of the Olli KP,” he said.

According to the schedule proposed by Chairman Dahal, the national convention will be held in the last week of December this year. The party plans to hold a nationwide meeting as some of the party’s leadership, now joining the CPN UML, challenged the party’s legal status and submitted petitions to the Election Commission and the Supreme Court demanding its departure.

With Dahal’s proposal, the meeting will begin on December 26 this year. To this end, the party will launch a campaign to renew and renew its members by mid-September.

Likewise, it was proposed to convene a village meeting on September 26, a district meeting on October 6, and a village meeting on October 16.

The regional convention will be held on November 16th and the regional convention will be held on December 1st.

According to party spokeswoman Narayan Kaji Shrest, eight different groups were formed to discuss constitutional amendment proposals, including political and organizational proposals from Chairman Prachanda.

Asking members of the Central Committee to submit proposals for proposals before 11:00 on Sunday. The meeting makes proposals after reflecting the proposals of the members of the Constitutional Court. Chairman Dahal also briefed the audience on the latest political trends at the meeting. CC’s recurring meeting is scheduled for Sunday at 11am.